1) Do any of the products listed on your website use 'sustainable' Palm Oil?

No, all the products listed are totally Palm Oil Free.


2) Do any of the products on your site use any Palm Oil derivitives?

No, this is clarified with the suppliers before being placed on the site.


3) How can you be sure there is no Palm Oil used?


It is impossible for shoppalmoilfree.co.uk at the moment to verify the ingredients of every product. Each company is asked whether they use palm oil or palm oil derivitives. We only list companies who categorically confirm to us that they do not use palm oil or derivatives of palm oil. If you believe that a company listed does in fact use palm oil or derivitives, please let us know and they will be immediately removed from the site whilst further enquiries are made. 


4) Why can I buy products online from some of the companies listed and not others?


 That is a matter for the supplier, this site's purpose is to help to raise awareness around the issues relating to Palm Oil, and also as a Directory / Sign Post to assist people to go Palm Oil Free.


5) Do you have just Vegan and Vegetarian products on the site?


We also have some non vegan and non vegetarian products. I am a vegetarian and so my instinct was to only have vegan and vegetarian products. However the palm oil issue is much wider than that and in order to allow as many people as possible to reduce their palm oil consumption, I have listed some products that are neither Vegan or Vegeterian.


6) Why is there not much choice on the website?


 In truth there are not that many companies that are completely Palm Oil Free, it is an on going process to identify these companies and invite them onto the site.


It is the long term aim of shoppalmoilfree.co.uk to make palm oil free products as mainstream as other ethical products such as Organic and Fair Trade. Above all we want to give people the option to go totally Palm Oil Free.


© Anthony Nolan