PHB Ethical Beauty Palm Oil Free Soap: Review

I do struggle with soap. It’s one of those things you can’t really do without. I mean you could, but you’d be pretty lonely.

Before even being aware of the palm oil issue, I was always a bit wary about what soap to buy for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the skin on my hands dislikes me, we fall out frequently. I get too hot - my skin flakes. I get too cold, it chaps and bleeds. I use the wrong soap - well, heaven help me if I use the wrong soap.

So I need a soap that is gentle and kind to the skin. BUT - my morals come before the skin on my hands, so I’ve always refused to buy soap that is tested on animals.

And now, throw palm oil into the equation. The vast majority of soap - whether in bar or liquid form - contains palm oil. So, I sought out palm oil free soap. The first one I tried solved my problem with sensitive skin on my hands almost overnight. It was made with olive oil and really gentle. But it wasn’t perfect. It was quite mushy and fell apart very quickly, ending up making a right mess of our sink.

Luckily, there are a great range of soaps to choose from on Shop Palm Oil Free so I decided to try the palm oil free, pure and natural Citrus Fusion handmade soap bar from PHB Ethical Beauty.

So first of all, let me tell you about PHB Ethical Beauty. They sell a huge range of skin care, hair care and cosmetics products. Their entire range is palm oil free, vegan, free from chemicals and not tested on animals. On top of this, 15% of their profits go to charity. It is a family business with all products hand made in Britain.

When I opened the soap, the first thing that struck me was the smell. It is absolutely beautiful. If I hadn’t already known that PHB made pure, natural products then I would have guessed. The citrus scent was so authentic, I knew I was onto a winner.

The bar itself is very firm which gave me the impression that it would hold together a little better than the previous one I’d tried. So, we popped it on the sink and let the children do their worst.

There is no better test for a bar of soap than a three year old. Libby is old enough to wash her hands by herself but young enough to want to dig her fingers into the soap and make it all mushy. We’ve been using the Citrus Fusion for a week now and despite a few suspicious finger marks, it is holding together fabulously.

It is now quite soft because the water doesn’t drain off our soap holder properly. Despite this, it remains in one piece and it hasn’t gone mushy and spread across the sink. The smell is still great and most importantly, my hands are clean but the skin on them isn’t dry and flaky. All in all, it’s a huge thumbs up from me.

I will be trying some of the other soaps listed on Shop Palm Oil Free over the coming months. But would I buy Citrus Fusion again? Absolutely.

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