Meridian Crunchy Cashew Butter: Review

When I set up Shop Palm Oil Free, one of the first companies I heard about was Meridian. They are passionate about their status as a totally palm oil free business. In fact, many of their nut butters are made using just one ingredient - nuts.

The majority of companies making nut butters will use palm oil as an emulsifier. Meridian explain on their website that the purpose of an emulsifier is to stop the nut butter from separating. The nut oil and the nuts themselves can sometimes separate, which leads companies to take the natural oil out and replace it with palm oil. This is both unnecessary and unhealthy.

Meridian support the Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation, through which they have adopted eight orangutans. But more importantly, they worked hard to cut all palm oil out of their products and have been totally palm oil free since 2013.

As well as peanut butter, Meridian also make a selection of other products including nut butters. I decided to try the Crunchy Cashew Butter.

For anybody looking to cut down on processed food or eat more naturally, here is a list of all the ingredients in Meridian Crunchy Cashew Butter:

Roasted Cashew Nuts

That's it. So, if you don't like cashew nuts, you probably won't like it, there really is no disguising what it is.

When you open the lid, you may see a small amount of oil on top of the product like I did. This was very minimal and easily resolved, before each use I just gave it a stir. If you find there is a little too much oil, you can just pour some away but I didn't find that there was too much at all.

As you might expect, cashew butter is quite a bit sweeter than peanut butter so it can satisfy a sweet craving a well as savoury. The texture is lovely and crunchy with a consistency just like peanut butter. Its great on toast, in smoothies or my personal favourite - on a spoon straight from the jar.

If you are looking for inspirational recipes, the Meridian website is really helpful, just check out their recipe section. I will definitely be giving some of these a try.

So to summarise, Meridian Crunchy Cashew Butter is totally natural, palm oil free and tasty. Would I buy it again? Definitely! And I'll be checking out some of their other products soon too so watch this space.

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