Hogwash Natural Soap Review

Soap, handwash and shower gel are some of the worst culprits for containing hidden palm oil. The problem is, unlike food items, palm oil can be hidden in personal hygeine products. There is currently no law to say that an item used externally has to be labelled as containing palm oil, so it will be hidden under a technical name in the ingredients.

That's why it's so important that companies like Hogwash Soap are creating fabulous, palm oil free products and labelling them as such. Instead of palm oil, Hogwash Soap contains hand-whisked natural oils such as coconut oil and shea butter, along with essential oils.

As well as soap, Hogwash make creams, bodywash, bath foams, bath salts, bath bombs and bath melts. All of them are handmade and palm oil free. Hogwash were kind enough to send me two of their soaps to review, which came beautifully packaged like this. They would make the perfect gift.

First, my family and I tried the Devon Honey and Oatmeal soap. As well as local honey, this contains Shea butter and oatmeal to soothe dry skin. The soap is very neutral in fragrance so it is ideal for males as well as females.

I do suffer from dry skin on my hands and they had been getting quite chapped before I started to use this soap. Within a week of using it, they were fine again. I wash my hands far too frequently what with dogs, children and nappies to deal with. I definitely found that the soap was moisturising rather than drying, which is actually quite unusual for a soap.

I really like the appearance of the Devon Honey and Oatmeal soap because it is quite rustic. It is also firm enough to hold its form when it starts to get damp from sitting on the soap dish. It lasted us for two and a half weeks of hand washing by a family of four.

Having finished the Devon Honey and Oatmeal soap, we moved onto the Rose, Geranium and Patchouli. I replaced the soap overnight and when my three year old washed her hands first thing in the morning, her first words were, "Oh wow, that soap smells nice doesn't it mum?"

The fragrance is all natural, it comes from essential oils. It is quite a floral scent and I can understand why it is a best-seller. This soap is moisturising and gentle, in total contrast to most fragranced soaps. It is really pleasant to find a hand soap that is both fragrant and appropriate for sensitive skin.

I would highly recommend both of the soaps that we have tried and will definitely buy them in the future.

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