Gauci Candles: Review

Did you know that candles generally contain palm oil derivatives? No, neither did I. It seems that palm oil derivatives are even more prevalent than I ever realised. Luckily, it is not necessary to buy candles that contain palm oil derivatives, and the same can be said for wax melts.

Gauci Organic Candles are made from pure soybean oil and enhanced only with botanical oils. As well as various sorts of candles, Gauci make some beautiful little wax melts that you put into an oil burner. As they heat up, they give off a lovely smell, just like an essential oil would.

They are also free from petroleum, paraffin and beeswax. They don’t contain nasties like toxins, pesticides, herbicides or anything genetically modified. They are natural, biodegradable and not tested on animals.

Gauci very kindly sent us a pack of their candles and some wax melts to say thank you for featuring them on our website. It is totally free to be featured on Shop Palm Oil Free, and the gift was a lovely gesture.

Now for me to let you into a secret about our house. We have two large, smelly dogs and two small, messy children. It is pretty rare for me to go to the effort of making the house look tidy, let alone smell amazing.

But when we lit one of these candles, the house was quickly filled with a delightful fragrance. All of the candles are scented with natural oils and it is very obvious that the scent is natural rather than synthetic - they smell amazing. Even when I first took the candles out of the packet, the gorgeous, natural smell hit me before lighting them.

Having a house that smells of apple, vanilla and frankincense and maintaining a clear conscience because you know that the candle is ethically produced is a great feeling. I rarely buy fragranced candles because they would be a bit of an indulgence to me, they would definitely be purchased for my benefit rather than anybody else's.

But Gauci Candles are all very reasonably priced, they last for ages, smell fabulous and are ethically produced and free from palm oil. I really don’t see a downside. Perhaps it is time I changed my purchasing habits and started to buy something for me every now and then.

Please note, these candles and wax melts were sent to us by Gauci candles as a gift. They did not ask to be featured on the website. All views, opinions, smelly dogs and surprisingly fragrant homes are my own.

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