Miss Organics: Review

Miss Organics kindly sent me these products for the purpose of this post. All views, opinions and images are my own.

Trying to avoid palm oil can often feel a little bit restrictive. I find myself having to go without many things that I consider to be little luxuries. That's why I was so pleased to hear about Miss Organics. The whole ethos of Miss Organics is that of ethical luxury. The skincare range is organic and ethical on every level - without compromising on quality. The products are blended by hand to enhance beauty. They are of course free from palm oil, and don't contain any other nasties either.

Miss Organics Invigorating Energy Organic Body Oil

This body oil is designed for use on wet skin, to lock in natural moisture. It can be massaged into wet skin after a shower, or a few drops can be placed into the bath.

I love the versatility of the body oil. I have stopped using bubble bath because it is so difficult to find any without palm oil. But even when I did use it, I always came out of the bath feeling that my skin was dry and tight. Just a few drops of Miss Organics Invigorating Energy Organic Body Oil makes for a beautiful smelling bath, and I get out feeling that my skin has had a real treat, rather than having been tortured in the bath.

I have also been using this after a shower. I actually find it quite difficult to remember to apply the oil straight after the shower, before drying myself. But it is well worth the bother because it takes only a few drops for my skin to feel thoroughly moisturised. I have tried it after drying myself, but my skin soaks up the oil much too quickly and it is much more effective if you follow the instructions and apply to wet skin.

As well as the moisturising properties, the Invigorating Energy Body Oil definitely lives up to its name. I'm not a morning person at all, but I do feel a bit more with it after a bath with this oil. The scent is really refreshing and the perfect thing to invigorate you in the morning.

Miss Organics Citrus Euphoria Organic Lip Balm

This lip balm is perfect for both every day use and overnight use - you can apply a slightly thicker layer overnight for extra nourishment. And it smells divine. Much like the body oil, the smell of the lip balm is really quite refreshing.

I do sometimes find that lip balm can be a bit counter-productive. Whilst it feels better when you initially apply it, I find that it can dry my lips out, making me need to reapply quite frequently. The Citrus Euphoria lip balm is different, in that it is made with the plant oils of organic superfoods, to ensure that lips remain soft. It is also enriched with vitamin E for nourishment, and a protective layer is provided by cocoa butter.

As a result, I don't find I need to reapply the Citrus Euphoria lip balm too often. I have been putting some on at the start and end of the day, and haven't felt the need to take it out with me as that always seems to be enough.

My thoughts on the Miss Organics Range

I love the ethos of Miss Organics - that you can still have little luxuries without compromising on ethics or the quality of ingredients. Both the body oil and the lip balm have been added to my list of must-have products - because we all need to treat ourselves every now and again.

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