Heavenly Organics Skin Care: Review

Since becoming aware of palm oil, my skin care routine has become increasingly simplified - there are notably fewer products I feel comfortable using. Not least because I'm avoiding palm oil, but there are other issues too. Chemicals, micro-beads, animal testing, animal products and issues with packaging. And luckily for me, Mary-Anne who founded Heavenly Organics found herself in exactly the same predicament. And so Heavenly Organics was born - luxury organic, vegan, palm oil free and truly ethical skin care products.

Heavenly Organics Orange & Lime Moisturising Body Scrub

I start with this product because it was the one that surprised me the most. It's quite a few years since I used a body scrub, but I remember quite harsh products that left your skin well exfoliated but quite dry. They're usually synthetic and contain awful chemicals and micro-beads. So my expectations for this body scrub were quite low.

I have to admit, I was stunned. This body scrub has a base of unrefined sea salt. It also contains olive oil and some natural orange, lemon and lime to give it a lovely, fresh fragrance. The instructions say to apply a generous amount to wet skin and rub in circular motions before rinsing off and patting your skin dry.

I have been using it in the shower and the first time I used it I couldn't believe how moisturising it was. I rubbed the body scrub onto me and could immediately see the moisturising effect of the olive oil. It showed on the skin in the same way as if I'd rubbed oil into wet skin - the water started to form into droplets on my skin and it was instantly soft.

I have been using it every day since and really notice the difference in how soft my skin is. I don't need any additional moisturiser on top of the body scrub as it just serves as an all-in-one skincare routine. This is the sort of product I'll buy again both for me and as a gift at Christmas.

Heavenly Organics Lemongrass Body Oil

When I opened the package from Heavenly Organics, it had a beautiful smell. Having duly sniffed all the products, I came to conclusion that the smell was coming from the lemongrass body oil. This is made up of several natural oils including olive oil and sunflower oil. It also contains lemongrass, which gives it the fabulous smell.

To use the oil, you rub a small amount into the skin and massage it in. I've used it on both wet and dry skin and it's fine for both. The oil doesn't sink in too quickly, so a little bit goes a long way, even on dry skin. The moisturising effect of this oil is incredibly luxurious, rubbing it in made me feel like my skin had been thoroughly pampered and it actually felt moisturised for a couple of days afterwards, so I didn't even need to use it every day.

Organic Rose Geranium Facial Oil

I've never even heard of facial oil before, I always thought that an oil would be too heavy as a moisturiser for the face. However the Rose Geranium Facial Oil is a lot lighter than the body oil, being based predominantly in sunflower oil instead of olive oil.

You only need a couple of drops of this and I found it worked equally well on wet or dry skin. It has a beautiful fragrance that really does remind me of the rose and geranium flowers, rather than the rose petal perfume that I thought it would smell of.

Whilst I've never been organised enough to have a structured facial skincare routine, I leave this in the bathroom now and whenever I feel that I need a facial moisturiser, I use a bit of the rose geranium oil. As with all the products, I feel a lot more comfortable using this on my skin than any synthetic products. I am also happy for my children to use both oils and their skin has reacted well to them too.

Please note, I was sent all three Heavenly Organics products free of charge for the purpose of a review. All views, opinions, images and moisturised skin are my own.

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