Super Treats Chocolate Alternative - Review

As a child, I quite often used to have carob instead of chocolate. At the time a lot of people weren’t keen on it and it was seen as a bit of a poor substitute. But I loved it. So when Super Treats asked if we’d like to review their chocolate alternative, I was delighted. Particularly as I knew I’d love it, but thought the rest of the family wouldn’t be too keen.

Unfortunately for me, times have changed and carob is no longer a poor substitute for chocolate. In fact my husband, my four-year-old and my two-year-old all loved it. We tried both the Silky Milky and the Merry Berry flavours and they were both fabulous!

So where do I start with the benefits of Super Treats bars? Well first of all, they are palm oil free of course. They also contain no refined sugar or stimulants. They’re made from carob, whole milk, cocoa butter and coconut blossom nectar. They are also organic and packed full of goodness like vitamins, minerals and calcium. They provide slow release energy and they’re ethically and sustainably produced.

Super Treats Silky Milky

This is similar in looks and texture to milk chocolate. However, it isn’t as sickly sweet as many milk chocolate bars on the market. I much prefer the taste of the carob and my husband and children agreed that it tasted lovely. The bars are quite thin and I wouldn’t have a problem with my children eating a whole bar of this, particularly knowing it is full of goodness.

When my daughter starts having packed lunches for school, I’ll happily put one in her lunch box for her. Although I’d have to let the school know how healthy it is first – they don’t like children bringing snacks that aren’t healthy and this looks and tastes so much like chocolate that I’m not sure they’d believe me!

Super Treats Merry Berry

The Merry Berry bar adds a different dimension to the super treats. The berries add a slightly sharp flavour, which I prefer. They also add a little bit of texture to the bar, which makes it a little unusual. We actually all liked the Merry Berry bar the best, although children who don’t like things with bits in will probably prefer the silky milky!

I think when we next buy Super Treats, we’ll have to buy in bulk. I’ll buy some of the silky milky because we’re bound to have children over to visit who aren’t keen on chocolate with bits in. But for our family, its’ Merry Berry all the way.

To summarise

We love the Super Treats Chocolate Alternative bars and the Merry Berry flavour is definitely our favourite although both taste fabulous. I have only one criticism of Super Treats – they actually say ‘for kids’ on the bars. Whilst I agree they’re perfect for children’s snacks, they’re ideal for adults too. I’m only grateful that my kids can’t read yet so we were able to share!

Please note, these products were sent to me for the purpose of a blog post. All views, opinions and love of carob are my own.

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