The Friendly Soap Range

Last year, I reviewed four products from the Friendly Soap range. As I mentioned in my previous review, Friendly Soap use traditional methods to make naturally foamy, long-lasting products. This means they don't need to add any of the chemicals you find in most soaps - and they don't need to use palm oil or palm oil derivatives either.

This time, we have been trying out a few more of the Friendly Soap range. One of the things I love most about this company is that they make ethical products at an incredibly realistic price point. Check out their website for individual prices but it's safe to say that you can buy eco friendly soap from them for just £1.99 for a full-sized bar. As they are long-lasting as well, this makes being environmentally friendly a much more accessible possibility on any budget.

Friendly Hair & Body Bar (Guest Soap)

These miniature 20g soaps are perfect for guest bathrooms at home, or for use in a hotel or bed and breakfast that provides toiletries. I took one with us when we went away for the few days because I love the convenience of being able to wash both hair and body with one small bar of soap. I also allowed my children to use a bar for hand-washing as it was the perfect size for little hands to grip.

I found that this soap was perfect for getting clean and gave a nice lather despite not using the traditional foaming agents which contain palm oil derivatives. I did have to wash my hair every day if I was using this as it's not the same as the Friendly Soap shampoo which left my hair clean for a bit longer. The soap is naturally scented with lavender and geranium and smells beautiful.

Friendly Travel Soap Hair & Body Bar

This is a particularly clever concept, since one bar of soap acts as a shampoo, soap and deodorant. I'm a huge fan of travelling light. Not so many years ago, my husband and I travelled for a month two-up on a motorbike, with only one pannier each for our belongings. This travel soap would have been a godsend back then.

The soap contains lemongrass, lavender, tea tree and peppermint. I find it refreshing to use and it lathers up nicely. It seems to work well as a deodorant and soap, I didn't find that I needed to use additional deodorant when I was using this. My hair also got clean when I washed it, but I did find that it needed washing every day. However this would be a worthwhile compromise for the benefit of only having one bar to carry around when travelling.

Friendly Shaving Soap

My husband has been trying out the Friendly shaving soap. This is made with castor oil and kaolin clay. It also contains aloe vera to sooth the skin. My husband has described this as "surprisingly good". He does sometimes suffer with a rash from shaving products but has had no problems with this at all.

The soap creates a velvety lather and functions as any shaving gel, but has the added benefit of soothing the skin and nourishing the beard while you shave. Being in a bar, it is also compact and easy to use. You just lather it up with hot water - on the website it suggests using a brush and bowl but my husband just rubbed it into a foam with his hands and applied it to his face.

Friendly Cocoa Butter Facial Cleansing Bar

I've used the facial cleansing bar before and it is a firm favourite. It is made using cocoa butter, olive oil and coconut oil in equal parts. According to their website, Friendly have had great feedback about this bar from people with skin conditions such as eczema. I can totally see why this is the case.

The soap has no nasty additives in it, making it incredibly moisturising. It also goes a really long way - just rubbing a small amount of it on your face is enough. I don't find there's much of a lather, but it doesn't need it to make your face feel both clean and moisturised. I often use a moisturising oil after washing my face, but I don't feel like I immediately need to do so after using this as it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry like most cleansing products.

Friendly Shea Butter Facial Cleansing Bar

The Shea butter facial cleansing bar is made from shea butter, olive oil and coconut oil in equal parts. Friendly mention on their website that shea butter is great for reducing fine lines and easing both eczema and psoriasis. It is also full of vitamin A, which is great for the skin.

Much like the cocoa butter bar, I found the shea butter facial cleansing bar moisturising and effective. Just rubbing a tiny amount of it on my face was enough. Both of these cleansing bars last for an inordinate amount of time. They're priced at just £2.49 for a 95g bar, which is a lot more cost-effective than using cleansing lotions or wipes.

In summary

Friendly Soap are my go-to brand for cost effective, environmentally friendly toiletries. I love the fact that their products are hand-made using traditional methods. They are cruelty free and don't harm the environment during production or use and they're kind to the wallet too. If you're going to put in a big order of these products, they offer free delivery on any orders over £50 so this will work out as an even cheaper way to purchase them.

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