Rosi Skinfood: Review

When I was asked to review Rosi Skinfood, I assumed it would be a normal moisturiser. I knew it was handmade and palm oil free, and I knew it only contained organic ingredients. But I didn’t think it would be particularly unusual. After all, I often test out some of the most natural products around.

What is Rosi Skinfood?

Rosi Skinfood isn’t just a moisturiser, it really is a food for the skin. The ingredients are based on oils, which means they are quite solid when you first get the cream out of the pot. However as soon as you apply it to your face, it becomes a liquid. This allows it to penetrate deep into your skin to rejuvenate it as well as provide nourishment.

I found Rosi Skinfood particularly hydrating for my skin. I usually suffer from dry skin on my hands and face during the winter but this really has stopped it. Whenever my face feels a little dry, I’ve been rubbing some of this on it. I’ve been doing the same for my hands. And the result has been that I’ve had literally no dry or cracked skin.

Rosi Skinfood can help to heal scars, stretchmarks and psoriasis. It is both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and can reduce fine lines. This is quite impressive for a totally natural cream. Everything I’ve found before that made these claims contained harsh chemicals. But I can see how the oil penetrates the skin to make it look fuller and therefore reduce the appearance of lines.

I’m not someone who has many lines on my face anyway (thanks mum for passing on your youthful skin!) but I definitely feel more confident after I’ve put this on. When I go out, I tend to turn to this rather than a foundation as it gives me quite an even skin tone without the need to add colour.

Rosi Skinfood + Foundation = Perfection

That said, you can mix foundation with the Rosi Skinfood to achieve a better application, so I thought I’d try that too. I don’t often wear makeup, and when I do it’s rarely foundation I turn to. That’s partly because I don’t like the way it goes on – it looks uneven and always looks as if I’ve put too much in. Plus, it makes my skin feel dry.

Nonetheless, I put a tiny amount of foundation onto the palm of my hand and mixed it with an equal amount of Rosi Skinfood. Once I’d rubbed the skinfood in, there was loads of the mixture, it goes such a long way and has an oily consistency. I rubbed this straight onto my face and immediately achieved a perfect application. The Skinfood carried the foundation into my skin so that it looked like my natural colour rather than foundation dolloped on top.

This was an absolute revelation to me. I can’t imagine I’ll ever use foundation on its own again. Not only did it look great, but my skin felt soft instead of having that nasty dry feeling I usually get from foundation.

The other things I love about Rosi Skinfood

Firstly, when this was delivered I immediately fell in love with the packaging. It was beautifully presented and it felt like a real treat to receive it. The packaging is made from recycled materials and there were even some little dried flowers inside the box, totally beautiful.

The other thing I’m really blown away by is how long this stuff lasts. I tend to write a review after I’ve got at least most of the way through the pot if I’m trying out a skincare product. After all, I want to make sure I still love it after a few weeks of wear. But Rosi Skinfood just lasts for such a long time, I’ve been using it for several weeks and the pot is still nearly full.

To get some out of the pot, I found I needed to dig my nail in slightly. It’s really quite solid until you rub it. But because of that, you need to use hardly any because it just goes so far.

All in all I’ve been totally blown away by Rosi Skinfood, I don’t have a bad word to say about it. I will definitely be buying it again but it won’t be for a long time, I’ll be surprised if this little pot doesn’t last me the entire year.

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